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Georgia Fair Labor Platform
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The Georgia Fair Labor Platform is an informal alliance of independent trade unions, civil society organizations and activists working to improve labor conditions for workers in Georgia. We also act as a solidarity network for our members, offering mutual assistance and support on issues of concern.

Our key focus areas include:

Effective labor inspection

We monitor the work of the Labor Inspectorate through our Workplace Safety Monitor, and advocate for the Inspectorate to be strengthened, to better protect workers’ health and safety.

Living wages

We advocate for a long-overdue increase to Georgia’s minimum wage, and fight to make sure workers get the pay they deserve.

Stronger, better unions

We strengthen independent trade unions, by building their membership and making them more effective. We are also advocating for their inclusion in the tripartite committee.

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Resources for workers

Know Your Rights

Find answers to the most common questions about labor rights in Georgia.

Organized into seven subject areas: trade unions, working hours working hours, equality and discrimination, wages, informal workers, women workers, and how to get help.

Workplace safety monitor

Workplace safety is a pressing issue in Georgia, with with dozens of workers dying and suffering serious injury every year. This tool tracks inspections by Georgia’s Labor Inspectorate, a government body which monitors workplace safety. Our database includes inspection reports back to September 2019. Find out if your employer has been inspected.

Wage theft calculator

Is your employer stealing from you? Wage theft – defined as an employer’s failure to pay money legally owed to an employee – is rampant in Georgia, though many people have no idea what it is. Our interactive Wage Theft Calculator helps you determine whether you’ve been a victim, and lets you share your results on social media.

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