New Labor Inspectorate data shows workplace injuries increased in 2023, but deaths down

11 Jun, 2024

The Fair Labor Platform has updated its webpage tracking deaths and injuries in the workplace with the latest data from the Labor Inspectorate’s 2023 annual report. Our webpage tracks official statistics going back to 2019.

The overall numbers were similar to 2022, though workplace injuries did increase by about 5% – from 330 in 2022 to 347 in 2023. Severe injuries were also up, with 95 reported in 2023 versus 87 reported the previous year. Workplace deaths were almost identical: 34 in 2023 vs. 35 in 2022.

Construction, manufacturing and mining continued to be the most dangerous industries for workers. Together, they’ve accounted for over 55% of all workplace deaths and injuries since 2019. The retail and accommodation/food service industries also had significant accident numbers.

Perhaps the most troubling data point revealed by the new data was that the rate of injuries per 100,000 workers continues to rise. In fact, this indicator has steadily increased in recent years, from 13.33 in 2019 to 20.78 in 2021 to 26.00 in 2023. The good news, however, is that accidental deaths per 100,000 workers have steadily decreased since 2019.

The Labor Inspectorate previously provided the Georgia Fair Labor Platform with workplace death and injury data quarterly, but the agency stopped providing this information last year, in line with the government’s broader move towards less transparency. This means that new workplace safety data will likely not be available to the public until this time next year, when the Inspectorate releases its 2024 annual report.

For our full data on workplace injuries and deaths in the workplace since 2019, please see here. The Labor Inspectorate’s 2023 annual report can be found here:

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