Workplace Death & Injury Statistics

This page tracks statistics on work-related deaths and injuries recorded by Georgia’s Labor Inspectorate. The data is drawn from the Inspectorate’s annual reports, its webpage and from data obtained by the Fair Labor Platform via Freedom of Information requests.

Last updated: 23 May 2023.

For more information about the Labor Inspectorate’s work, and/or labor conditions in Georgia, please visit our Labor Rights Monitor, a database with full inspection reports that we have obtained through Freedom of Information requests. For inspection reports on specific accidents that led to worker deaths or injuries see the links below. Note, however, that our database does not include reports for all workplace deaths and injuries.

Workplace Deaths & Injuries combined by Year

Workplace Deaths by Year

Workplace Injuries by Year

Top 5 sectors for Deaths & Injuries combined (2019-23)

Workplace Deaths & Injuries per 100,000 workers

Workplace deaths & injuries combined, by region (2019-23)