Safety Inspection

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Employer: Wimm Bill Dann Georgia LLC (204546553)

Reference number: 002315
Inspection date: 29.06.2021
Follow up inspection date(s): 06.08.2021
Location: Tbilisi
0165 Egrisi street, village Ponitchala

Sector: G - Wholesale & retail
Post-accident inspection
1 Injuries
9 Violations found
Reinspection pending

Click here to view inspection report from 29.06.2021
Click here to view inspection report from 06.08.2021

Summary of findings

Violation identifiedCompliance status
1. Failure to develop and/or implement a risk assessment policy
2. Lack of training, including safety training
3. No system to check alcohol or substance intoxication in the workplace
4. Failure to record accidents, occupational disease or other dangerous incidents
5. Failure to assess physical, chemical or biological risk factors
6. Failure to conduct periodic preventative medical checkups
7. Failure to inspect or maintain safety of equipment and personal protective gear
8. Lack of general protective measures (ventilation, protective shields for machinery, etc.)
9. Failure to ensure safety standards guaranteed under technical regulations (electrical safety, cylinder safety etc.)

= Pending reinspection = Has not complied = Complied

Accident description: The incident occurred on June 28. An employee slipped and fell from 1.5 M height, and as a result broke a leg

Current status: Reinspection pending (due 21.07.2021)


Warning issued

Company size: not specified • Gender breakdown: not specified

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