Labor Rights Inspection

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Employer: BROTHERS LLC (445412152)

Reference number: 002731
Inspection date: 09.09.2021
Follow up inspection date(s): none
Location: Autonomous Republic of Adjara
Batumi, N14 A. Abashidze street

Sector: Q - Healthcare & social services
Labor rights inspection
11 Violations found
Reinspection pending

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Summary of findings

Violation identifiedCompliance status
1. No written contract (Art. 12, para 2)
2. Other
3. Terms of employment contract violations: Failure to specify working hours and rest periods (Art. 14, para 1)
4. Illegal change of employment contract’s terms and conditions (Art. 20, paras 1-5)
5. Working time violations: Failure to provide sufficient rest between shifts (Art. 24, para 4 & 7)
6. Working time violations: Failure to properly record working time (Art. 24, para 11)
7. Shift work violations (Art. 25)
8. Overtime violations: Not paying overtime at an increased rate (Art. 27, para 2)
9. Salary violations: Other (Art. 41-44)
10. Salary violations: Failure to pay interest on delayed payments (Art. 41, para 4)
11. Other

= Pending reinspection = Has not complied = Complied

Current status: Reinspection pending (due 09.12.2021)


Warning issued

Company size: not specified • Gender breakdown: not specified

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