Fair Labor Platform launches ‘Know Your Rights,’ a new resource that answers your questions about rights at work

9 Sep, 2021

The Georgia Fair Labor Platform has launched its new “Know Your Rights” webpage, an informational resource that answers workers’ most frequent questions about their rights at work.

The resource, which is available in Georgian and English, aims to educate workers on their labor rights, and to enable them to fight back when their rights are violated. The need is particularly acute given Georgia’s recent labor reforms, which took effect on January 1, 2021, and introduced an array of new regulations for labor inspections, work hours, overtime, night shifts, mandatory weekly rest, and breaks.

“The Fair Labor Platform and its members get dozens of questions each week from people asking about their rights at work,” said Sopo Japaridze, chairwoman of Solidarity Network. “It’s clear that many people don’t fully understand their rights under the labor laws. Workers who don’t know their rights are much more likely to have their rights violated. This resource aims to help fix that.”

The Know Your Rights pages are organized as a series of questions covering seven core subjects:

  • Trade unions – including how to form and join a union
  • Working hours – including overtime and recording of working hours
  • Equality and discrimination – including general discrimination and sexual harassment
  • Salaries and wages – including extensive information on wage theft
  • Informal workers – focusing on how informal workers, such as app-based workers and domestic workers, can protect their rights
  • Women workers – including special protections for women who are pregnant, lactating or caring for young children
  • How to get help – a guide to remedies for workers whose rights are violated

The resources were prepared in partnership with People in Need, under their project “Advocacy for Evidence-Based Labour Rights in Georgia.”

To learn more, visit: https://shroma.ge/rights/

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