2021 Municipal Elections: Workers’ Right to Vote

29 Sep, 2021

On October 2, local self-government elections will be held throughout Georgia. The right to participate and vote in elections is guaranteed to all citizens under the Constitution of Georgia. Here are some key points to remember about your right to vote as a worker:

Workers’ right to vote is guaranteed across Georgia, both by the Election Code and the Labor Code. Every employee has the right to exercise this right without any restrictions and obstacles and to express his/her will by voting at the polling station on election day.

All employees have the right to apply to the employer in advance and request time off of work on election day in order to exercise their right to vote.

Employer are required to provide employees with a reasonable period of time off so that employees can vote.

Unless otherwise provided by the employment contract, employees are not compensated for time taken off to vote.

Restricting workers’ right to vote is a violation of labor law. No employer has the right to deprive an employee of the right to vote in any way.

Election day is a national holiday in Georgia. However if you work on election day, your employer does not have to pay you overtime or compensate you at an increased rate.

The freedom of choice in elections is a fundamental right. No employer should infringe upon this right or harass a worker, whether on election day or during the pre-election period.


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