This March 8, the age-old struggle of women against the prevailing oppressive system continues

8 Mar, 2023

Today is March 8, International Women’s Day – a symbol of women’s liberation, protection from socio-economic oppression, and struggle for participation in political and public activities.

Employed women are still subject to systematic oppression, violence, harassment, and economic inequality. This applies to diverse groups of women, immigrant women, victims of domestic violence, single mothers, women with disabilities, transgender women, and more. Today, much of women’s work is still invisible and the daily life of working women is hard. Women work tirelessly after work and at home, work that is unpaid, unappreciated and above all invisible.

The work of women living in rural areas and women employed in the informal sector is particularly difficult. They work with few protection mechanisms. The politicization, recognition and dignified protection of women’s care work are crucial to achieving social justice. That is why the age-old struggle of women against the prevailing cultural, economic, socially violent and oppressive system continues to this day.

In recent days, women have played a leading role in the political events taking place in the country. Their relentless struggle inside the parliament and on the streets of Tbilisi is a source of inspiration for many people.

Today, these women protect Georgia’s independence and its future!

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