Fair Labor Platform calls on Sairme Mineral Waters to fulfill the demands of striking workers

27 Feb, 2023

Thirty-two employees at the Sairme Mineral Waters LLC factory are on strike. For 15 days, the workers have been standing outside the factory in severe conditions, in the snow and frost, demanding payment of their wages and improvement of working conditions.

On February 26 at 14:00, the strikers held a protest rally in Sairme. The employees are demanding an increase in wages, the regulation of unsanitary conditions in the factory and safe working conditions.

Their other demands include:

  • Payment of pension tax by their employer;
  • A prohibition on blackmail and threats by their employer;
  • The signing of a collective bargaining agreement;
  • Elimination of forced absenteeism by management;
  • A meeting with the founders, because employees believe that the local management is deliberately damaging and bankrupting the factory;
  • No replacement of striking workers.

The Georgia Fair Labor Platform expresses its solidarity with the striking workers and calls on the company to fulfill their demands, to ensure decent remuneration and to create adequate working conditions.

Photo: “Labor”

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