Wolt couriers to stop working until labor demands are met

30 Mar, 2023

Wolt couriers agreed at a joint courier conference on March 29 that they will stop working and shut down the app until their demands are met. They will also hold protests to amplify their demands. Couriers are planning to march to different points of the city today.

For the past two months, Wolt couriers have been periodically holding demonstrations and asking for:

  • Salary increases;
  • Health insurance;
  • Fixing the actual distances of the orders; and
  • A collective meeting with company management.

Couriers say that at this stage that their basic rate is 2.50 GEL, and the compensation per kilometer is 50 tetri. They are demanding that the basic rate increase to 3.50 GEL, and the payment per kilometer rise to 70 tetri.

“Our salary is the same as it was 4 years ago, and there has been inflation during that time. In fact, we are not asking for a salary increase, we are asking for what we had,” one of the couriers told the news outlet Mataveli.

“Our second demand is insurance, which we do not have. One of our couriers had an accident and had problems with his leg. The insurance paid three euros. They laughed at us. Also, the company is shorting us on payments related to delivery distances. Their maps often have errors, and this issue has not been resolved for half a year,” the courier added.

Decent Labor Platform stands in solidarity with Wolt couriers. Representatives of member organizations of the platform stand ready, if necessary, to provide legal assistance to couriers.

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