Lifetime app ban for striking Wolt couriers constitutes illegal discrimination

31 Mar, 2023

The Georgia Fair Labor Platform is alarmed by recent reports that Wolt is issuing lifetime app bans for couriers who have gone on strike We urge the company to reverse these bans – and refrain from any further bans – as this action constitutes unlawful discrimination under Georgian law.

After two months of protests and the unsuccessful use of legal and other mechanisms to protect their labor rights, Wolt couriers stopped working on March 29. They are demanding indexation of their wages for inflation, health insurance and proper payment for the actual distances driven to deliver orders.

In response, the company banned several couriers from accessing the Wolt application for life.

We remind Wolt that similar actions by another app-based delivery company were investigated by the Public Defender in 2021. The Public Defender determined that these actions constituted unlawful discrimination based on different opinions. We thus call on Wolt to restore the access of all couriers to the application system.

We also call on Wolt to immediately begin mediation talks with couriers and to meet their demands for better working conditions.

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