Credibility and Effectiveness of Georgia’s Labor Inspection Process

Published:November 27, 2023
ReportAuthor: Georgia Fair Labor Platform

This report examines factors that hinder the effectiveness and reliability of Georgia’s Labor Inspectorate and evaluates the Fair Labor Platform’s experiences in cooperating with the body.

The report is based on the research of Fair Labor Platform member organizations and their beneficiaries since the expansion of the Labor Inspectorate’s mandate in 2021. The document analyzes their experiences and challenges and includes several recommendations for improving the Labor Inspectorate’s effectiveness.

The first part of the report examines factors that weaken confidence in the labor inspection, particularly those which may lead employees to avoid filing complaints with the body. The study shows that it is important to improve mechanisms to protect the confidentiality of workers who participate in the inspection process, to introduce flexible mechanisms for making complaints to the Inspectorate, and to ensure equal and fair participation of employees in the inspection process.

The second part of the report is devoted to the inspection process and proposes improvements that could lead to better identification of labor violations and more timely remedies. Research shows that it is necessary to increase the number of re-inspections, to better integrate the specifics of the workplace within the inspection process, and to establish more reasonable timeframes for employers to eliminate violations.

The research is based on in-depth interviews with the Inspectorate and Fair Labor Platform member organizations. It does not include a complete assessment of the Labor Inspectorate’s activities, but rather an assessment of the experiences of Fair Labor Platform member organizations, including independent trade unions.

The Georgia Fair Labor Platform is an informal coalition of independent trade unions, civil society organizations and activists working to improve labor policy and creating better conditions for workers in Georgia. We also act as a solidarity network for our members, offering mutual assistance and support on issues of concern.

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