Minimum Wage as a Human Right – International Standards and Perspectives for Georgia

Published: January 18, 2024
ReportAuthor: Social Justice Center

In Georgia today, the wages of many people are so low that they cannot even meet their basic physical needs. The current situation is contrary to international human rights law, which guarantees the right of all employed persons to a salary that ensures a “decent living” for themselves and their family.

A state-legislated minimum wage is an essential means of guaranteeing a decent wage for workers. It is equally essential that this wage be based on a regularly-updated analysis of how much money is needed to afford a “decent living.” But the current minimum wage in Georgia of 20 GEL per month is extremely low and would not provide for a “decent living” under any definition of the term.

This study examines the international human rights provisions guaranteeing the right to a minimum wage, and makes the case that the content of the minimum wage – i.e., that it provides for a decent living – is an essential part of that right. It also sets out a plan for how Georgia can rejuvenate and develop its  outdated minimum wage system.

The report was published by our member the Social Justice Center with the support of fellow Platform member Open Society Georgia Foundation. It is currently available in both English and Georgian.

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