Maternity and Parental Leave in Georgia: Legislation, Practice and a Vision for Reform

Published: December 19, 2023
ReportAuthor: Open Society Georgia Foundation

The current policy and practice of paid maternity and parental leave in Georgia is problematic for a number of reasons – including the fact that a large number of employees are not entitled to leave at all. This study, which was prepared with the support of the Open Society Foundation, examines existing challenges for employees who do not have the right to maternity and parental leave. It also proposes a vision for reforming Georgia’s model of maternity and parental leave.

The study aims to assess existing maternity and parental leave pay policies and practices. It is based on international standards, local legislation and practice, and a study of the experiences of women employed in the public and private sectors.

The study also examines the issue of self-employed and non-standard workers who do not receive even minimal support in case of having a child. The study demonstrates an urgent need to extend the leave coverage to non-standard and self-employed workers by using the experiences of these individuals as an example.

The report is currently available in Georgian only, but will be available in English in early 2024. 

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