Labour Inspection Service Assessment – 2021

Published: January 25, 2022
ReportAuthor: Social Justice Center

This study by the Social Justice Center analyzes the effectiveness of the Labor Inspection Service in the wake of the increased mandate and institutional strengthening as a result of the labor reform. This study, for the first time since its inception in 2015, will assess the performance of the Labor Inspection Service in order to identify existing challenges and measures that have to be taken for the improvement of the system.

The document is divided into two main parts. The first part deals with the institutional issues connected with the Labor Inspection Service and reviews important matters like: financial and human resources of the Labor Inspection Service, transparency and accountability, inter-agency cooperation etc. The second part analyzes the inspection reports on labor rights and safety, which, on the one hand, clearly demonstrate the existing trends and, on the other hand, reveal the key issues that need to be improved.

It is noteworthy that the Labor Inspection Service provided the research team only with the inspection reports drafted in the period of January-August 2021. Therefore, within the framework of the study in terms of labor rights 56 inspection reports drafted against 41 facilities inspected during the above-mentioned period were analyzed (while the total data for the year of 2021 amounted to 177). As for the labor safety, 108 inspections carried out in the year of 2020 were studied (while the total number of the inspections with regard to labor safety in 2021 amounted to 125).

At the end of the study recommendations are presented to the relevant agencies, the implementation of which will help to improve the Labor Inspection system as well as to raise labor rights and safety standards in the country.

Available in English and Georgian.

This publication was prepared individually by a member organization of the Fair Labor Platform and does not necessarily reflect the position of the Fair Labor Platform and/or its other members.

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