How much should nurses’ living wage be? The vision of Solidarity Network

Published: June 20, 2021
ReportAuthor: Solidarity Network

Nurses in Georgia are severely overworked and vastly underpaid – particularly given the demands they’ve shouldered during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is time for Georgia to stand up for its nurses by providing a living wage. This report by Georgia Fair Labor Platform member Solidarity Network explains why a living wage for nurses should be at least GEL 1,272.20 per month. The wage should be indexed to inflation and reviewed annually.

The report also argues that underpaid nurses are bad for society as a whole, since nurses’ working conditions directly impact the quality of patient care. Nurses who work double shifts and multiple jobs are hindered in their ability to provide the best care. Nurses’ salaries should be enough to cover their living expenses and to ensure a dignified life.

Author: Sopo Japaridze
Editor: Revaz Karanadze

Download via Solidarity Network’s website:

Available in Georgian only

This publication was prepared by an individual member of the Georgia Fair Labor Platform and does not necessarily express the position of the Platform or its other member organizations.

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